Saturday, June 28, 2008

Best Of Gaming Computer(Gaming Computers)

Gaming Computers

Falcon Northwest Mach V
If you’re ready to take flight with the most powerful gaming computers on the market, then strap on your seatbelt and step aboard the hyper speed Mach V. Falcon Northwest CEO Kelt Reeves cut his gaming computers teeth building systems that specialized in flight simulation for fellow students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and his current Mach V computers are ready to fly through any challenge you give it.

Alienware Area-51
When you need loads of firepower to whip the bad guys, you’re in need of the kind of speed delivered by the Alienware Area-51 gaming computers. This “Best Of” system’s muscle is provided by the quad core Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 processor overclocked to achieve 3.33 GHz core clock speed. The water-cooled Core 2 Extreme provides unmatched, highly threaded performance that your multimedia applications have been craving.

Dell XPS 710 H2C
Most people view Dell gaming computers as work-a-day systems for the masses, but serious gamers who have test-driven the new Dell XPS 710 H2C know better. This “Best Of” is the first factory-produced, overclocked, water-cooled gaming PC. This sleek, black Dell on steroids features the new 3.2GHz Intel Core Duo Extreme QX6700 Processor that is factory overclocked to 3.46 GHz, two 10,000 rpm hard drives, and a whopping 4GB of RAM that upgradeable to 8GB so it flies out of the box.

Gaming Computers

Friday, June 27, 2008

What to Look for in a Gaming Computer(Gaming Computers)

Gaming Computers
Gaming computers have high–end graphics cards, processors and lots of RAM—those components needed to enhance your gaming experience. When considering a gaming computers you should carefully evaluate your needs. Most manufacturers provide individual customization, so you can get a desktop that will fit your gaming style and budget.

Below are the criteria Top Ten REVIEWS used to evaluate gaming PCs.

* Processor – A fast CPU, or processor, will prevent lags in large or complex games like first person shooters or MMORPGs (massively multi–player online role–playing games). Some systems have dual core processors for hard–core gaming.

* Memory – A large memory allows the computer to quickly access frequently used information or programs. This is critical for gaming. A gaming PC should have between one and two GB of RAM memory and a sufficient hard drive.

* Video/Audio – A game is only as good as the graphics card supporting it. Many games have life–like, real–time images that require a high–end graphics card. Most computer manufacturers allow you to upgrade your graphics card. The sound should be a clear as the image.

* I/O Device – Some gaming computers come with various peripherals including a mouse, keyboard, speakers and a monitor while others don’t. This may or may not be important depending on the buyer. Additionally, some gaming systems come with uniquely designed towers with sleek cases and neon lights.

* Value/Price – In this review, we looked for gaming computers under $2000. The leading companies are value oriented—providing a lot of computer for a good price.

* Support/Warranty – The first–class manufacturers provide quality help and support through email, phone and online chat. They also provide practical warranties at no additional cost.

How fast does a gaming computers system need to be? As fast as you can afford. You can design one with most companies' online configurations, but several have built businesses around creating custom gaming systems from the ground up. If you aren't a gaming computers tech geek but are a gaming geek, then it is probably best to leave it up to these people to design the cutting edge system that you will need in order to destroy monsters in the virtual world of your choice.

Gaming Computers