Friday, February 25, 2011

How A Video Equipped Bus Stop Will Relieve The Boredom When You Are Waiting For A Bus


The ways in which technology can improve our lives just seems to be limitless. It is hard for us to imagine new devices because most of us think that we already have everything that we could possible need; however just when we think we have absolutely everything, another problem we didn’t even know we had is solved with the introduction of another fantastic new device. Of course most of us will have memories of long waits at bus stops, but we probably just accepted this as part of life. Well it seems that those involved in creating the latest gizmos aren’t satisfied with allowing us to suffer even these minor inconveniences and they have created video game equipped bus stops to stop us from being stressed as we wait for the bus.

San Francisco is one city which has already seen these video game equipped bus stops installed. People waiting on a bus in San Francisco can sit and play games on touch screens at the bus stop. These bus stops are linked all around the city so you can actually play against others waiting for a bus at another bus stop. So you will have great fun waiting for your bus to arrive; the only problem is that you may be having so much fun, you won’t want to get the bus.

These futuristic bus stops are an amazing feat of technology and hopefully we will benefit from this space age stuff here in the UK before too long. Waiting for a bus really can be a stressful time and it is great news that someone has decided to come up with a fantastic device to help to combat this problem. Unfortunately there are also likely to be problems with these amazing bus stops; there are always people who want to vandalize things no matter how much enjoyment they give to the rest of us and there will also be problems with people hoarding the games.

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