Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interesting Jackpot At Red Bus Bingo


Today I am chatting about a very interesting progressive jackpot at the popular UK online bingo site, Red Bus Bingo. It is in a 75 ball game which is not very common at all, it is normally within the 90 ball game at most bingo sites.

This jackpot is called the London Eye Jackpot, it is called this for several reasons. Firstly, the name of the site, Red Bus Bingo, was inspired by the red buses in London, and London is the theme of the whole site. Secondly you win by getting the 16 outer numbers on your bingo card, and thus creating a wheel. For those people who have not heard of the London Eye, it is a big ferris wheel in the heart of London.

Now unfortunately scooping the jackpot isn’t as simple as just getting the 16 outer numbers. You need to get them within the first 46 numbers, after this is doesn’t count. This does make sense though because without this, there would be no jackpot as people will win every time.

When the jackpot is won, it will reduce back down to £150 and it will build up again gradually. The jackpot builds up after each game it isn’t won because a percentage of the money churned from each game goes towards it.

Now it’s worth pointing out that the London Eye Jackpot game is still a regular 75 ball bingo game. There are still the same ways of winning, the jackpot is just additional. Winning the jackpot can take a while, if this was the only way to win people would get bored.

So, compared to the regular jackpots on offer at some bingo sites, the London Eye Jackpot is a nice change. Most jackpots are just the same thing over and over again; get a full house on a 90 ball game within a set amount of balls and it soon gets boring.

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